Hi, my name is Guadalupe "Lupita" Ramirez.

I have always loved working with children.  My experience with child care began about 9 years ago with the birth of my first nephew.  Taking care of my nephew helped me develop a deeper understanding on how children communicate their needs.  While I was doing volunteer work as a Sunday School teacher, I learned that every child has their own way to learn things.  Therefore, I learned how to accommodate to each child's learning method.  Being able to apply these skills here at Cande's Daycare has taught me a valuable lesson in child development as well as taught me how to handle every child's needs.

The Family Staff

Hi my name is Cande.

I opened my daycare in 2012.  My experience in working in the child care business has been raising my own three kids whom now are, twenty-seven, twenty-four, twenty-one and my grandson who is now nine years old.  I took classes on infant and family child care at Bananas.  In addition, I also took classes on early childhood development.  As required by the licensing process in the state of California, I have my Live Scan clearance, first aid certification as well as training in Health and Safety. 

My goal with each child is to inspire them to be confident, strong, and independent and to teach them the basic tools in learning.  I facilitate this with age appropriate toys and play based activities.  My daycare is family orientated and a very loving and playful environment.  My main focus will be on your children's learning abilities and development.  I will be teaching and communicating with them in Spanish.  By doing this, it will give your children the opportunity to learn and practice a second language.